Frock Shop Sample Sale Visit!

Good things come to those who wait, like these amazing prices at the Frock Shop sample sale! But in my case, it’s more like good things come to those who ask. But more on that later.

This morning I went downtown to the Frock Shop sample sale hosted by Fashion Denver. The building is normally office space for Brandi Shigley and a few other entrepreneurs, but for today and tomorrow it has been converted into a retail shop featuring seven local designers. There was a great selection and the prices were unbeatable! I fell in love with two dresses: a Blaque Label structured top dress with a high-low skirt and an asymmetrical Helmut Lang (both pictured below). The best part is that there was a little something for everybody: designer dresses, casual wear, swimwear, shoes, jeans and trendy pants, handbags, nature inspired jewelry, and who can forget the cupcakes and champagne. 

This sample sale was organized by Katie Gartner who started Frock Shop as a way to bring designer labels to the masses at a great discounted price. With that vision in mind, I would say this event was a major success in achieving that goal! I was actually able to chat with Katie this morning and she was very kind, giving me a little insight to how she put together this event. I would love to chat with her more about this project. Who knows, we may just have a Katie Gartner exclusive here on Denver Dress Up! 


I mentioned earlier that good things come to those who wait and in my case, those who ask. Since the inception of this blog I have learned that if I really wanted to get to know designers here in Denver I was going to have to ask everyone I met if they would want to be a part of Denver Dress Up knowing that not everyone would be interested. When I found out that Fashion Denver was organizing a Summer Fashion Market featuring 20 different Denver designers and three runway shows, I knew I had to somehow be a part of it! I went out on a limb and contacted Brandi Shigley herself (the brains and visionary behind Fashion Denver) and asked if I would be able to cover their event. Before this, Brandi had never heard of me or Denver Dress Up so I was absolutely elated when I received a reply saying she would love to have me at their event to bring all of you the latest news on the designers and a behind the scenes perspective of the fashion show! I met Brandi today at the sample sale and I am really looking forward to staying in contact with her and attending the Summer Fashion Market this June. I’ve got some great ideas turning in my head!

So my deepest gratitude to Brandi at Fashion Denver for granting me this opportunity! And I will leave you with this lesson I learned today: you never know what could have been if you never ask, because it just may be that Brandi Shigley gives you a big, smiling “yes” and sends you off with a hug and a great opportunity.

Don’t forget there is still one more day to shop these amazing discounts! Info on designers and directions here

Featured Designers:



PJ’s Boutique

Free Ravin

Audrey Marie


GoGo Marj

Accessories by Free Ravin

Floral is in and I’m seriously diggin’ these pants!

Shoppers snaggin’ some major steals!

I would probably give up my right arm for this dress

Helmut Lang for $100?!?!?!

Helmut Lang at the end of the rack